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Development Centre U6's, U7's, U8's, U9's & U10's

Our development centre is for children who attend either our after-school clubs, Saturday Super Skills or holidays camps and that the coaches believe to be talented and showing potential to progress further.

Those children are then invited to the centre where we will look to enhance their natural ability through our curriculum of coaching

The sessions will be high tempo with lots of emphasis on 1v1’s and opposed practices to allow children to be creative, express themselves, show flair and give them the confidence to express and make decisions for themselves.

All of this will be delivered with our philosophy still the focus

Enjoyment” is the key to our success, at Ross & Andy’s we create a safe, friendly and encouraging environment where children can learn and develop their skills.


Players receive a kit

Play fixtures, tournament's and festivals against similar companies and professional pre academies

Player recommendations to professional pre academies with our links

 Curriculum content

Ball mastery

Dribbling & Running with the ball

Passing and Receiving

First touch and Control

Turning & Shielding

Striking & Finishing

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